Short story-LOVE

Dear, today I will talk about love. Although I have never managed to define it properly. Indeed, there is no definition. Why should there be? It is variable, as are the waves of life.

Love in my life never came to its fullest, it would come, would touch my shoulder and leave.

Today, I decided to talk about love, because today I feel I am untouchable. Today I don’t need love. Today I just need to talk about it. Not as a feeling or a story but as a shape, a human shape probably.

It was impossible not to see him, although the beach was crowded. People walked and moved aimlessly. Others were just enjoying their sunbathing. He did not. He was leaning on the pillar of the light staring onto the sea.

The sea was very calm. It gave you an impression that it was in its deepest sleep, like a coma. I loved that feeling. So, I was trying to meditate. To avoid everything. To be just with me and my world. But I could not concentrate. He did not move even for a moment. He remained at the same point.

He was different, different from all others. Even his bathing suit was different. Nothing impressed him, although people were walking just beside him. He continued to stare the sea, he waited. He was waiting for something.

He had no need for water or shade, not literally. His everything was in the sea, it fed him, it fulfilled him, it kept him alive.

He stood there without moving for hours. I lost my patience and I went and sat next to him.

“It is not there today?” – I asked.

“Tomorrow”- he answered.

We both remained silent, we didn’t say anything. We were both observing at that endless and peaceful sight. I felt that he was longing. He would wait again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. He will wait until he’ll waste his last powers, until the twilight of his life. It was his only love.

Finally he smiled and went along with his surfing board. We both knew that, maybe not today, or tomorrow, but that day would come and they would dance together within the music of the sea waves crashing to each other. Will touch and taste them to the core. The fervor. The sweetest pain of love.

Dear, that is why love doesn’t have a single definition. It has all sorts of shapes. Human shape, calmness’s shape, waves’ shapes, the sea’s shape … the difficult part is to find out which one it is.



4 thoughts on “Short story-LOVE

  1. This is beautiful writing ….I too see life like an ocean that we ride as tho on a surf board …..there can be times when it’s mirror still and shrouded in mist ….other times the waves are so stormy it can be hard to stay afloat …and then again there are times when it sparkles turquoise in the sun ….it’s dynamic …very much like your description of ‘love’ here …..Thankyou so much for the ‘follow’ it’s a mutual 🙂

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