Dr. Mind

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Book Name

Dr. Mind by Burbuqe Raufi


Sit Down

One Line Summary

You can heal your life

Why it’s Awesome

Do you ever feel like you’re a victim to life circumstances?

If you answered “no” then I don’t believe you. Unless you’re like enlightened or some shit, everyone at times can succumb to victim mentality. Life can be tough as shit and we all have our moments of weakness.

But what if all of that was a story?

What if you actually had 100% control over all your problems? How would your beliefs have to change in order to accept that?

Dr. Mind is a story about a women who came to believe this for herself. In spiritual circles they call it becoming a “conscious creator”. And it’s one of the hardest things that anyone can do.

In fact, it’s so hard that almost no one makes this switch…

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