Just let You, be You.


16 thoughts on “Just let You, be You.

  1. We teach war but not love. We don’t have a Pentagon for Peace, just war.

    What would the world be like if we were taught to love ourselves right from the start? How would we teach that? We’d have to eliminate HIStory immediately. We’d have to INCLUDE EVERYONE and get rid of the white male power structure and we’d have to stop criticizing and judging ourselves and each other. We could teach acceptance and diversity and dancing. We could play and look at the animals and the environment as partners in our lives. Hm…we could eat healthy food and stop hurting and hunting everything that moves. We would have to get rid of greed and power and the government and the churches and all the establishments that prey on people and destroy lives. Well, that’s how I would start, anyway.

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    1. Such a great post to start the day. THANK YOU! We all should start from ourselves, the results may take a bit but we could be sure we are headed on the right path. I can see more and more people joining the Age of awarness, and this could lead to healing our world. Blessings and love 💗

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  2. People need to know that you need to start love and appreciate yourself more. Learn to come to terms with who you are and how you reached there before others can start loving you. But if there seemed to be no one at all, at least you have yourself to love. Much love ❤

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