This too shall pass.


A father in his deathbed handed a closed envelope to his son and said,

“You shall open it when you’ll feel you have no way out of a situation.”

His son had a lot of struggles during his life, but he didn’t open it, until he came upon a very hard situation and thought his father’s gift may help him. When he opened it, he was amazed that there was  just a short written note, “This too shall pass.”

Isn’t that true?  If we look back at our lives, does our previous struggles seem meaningless now? Will our current struggles mean the same in the future?

This short story and short phrase is just a reminder to myself and You. Embrace the day!





To school, or not to school.


My younger son, my baby,  started school two weeks ago, a first grader. He doesn’t want to go, he cried all summer, he didn’t even want to celebrate his birthday, because  he knew that six years old means school.

I tried my best, I tried to persuade him that school is a great place, he’ll get to know other kids, he’ll get new friends. I bought him a school bag that he chose, with a  sharp teeth shark image on it, clothes with his favorite superheroes, and he got exited…we were all there the first day, the most important day of his life, he even did the fake smile for my sake on the picture above, but his heart was beating faster, his skin got pale, his mouth was drying out. He didn’t want to speak, he didn’t even say his name.

I felt like I had failed, and I did. I gave him to much attention, to much love and hundreds of hugs and kisses per day.

Changes are hard, but necessary. And we both failed. We are bonded, attached to each other, like conjoint twins, we can’t get apart.

He cries everyday. I cry everyday, too, when I am not with him, at work, in the bathroom, when I iron his little clothes.

It feels like I am taking away his freedom, the freedom of being himself.

He has learned English Language fluently, just by watching cartoons and videos, he has learned the numbers and adding just by himself, he has learned the letters to make google searches, when he can’t write the words, he would make a voice search on google, honestly I never knew there was an option like that.

He watches videos of human body structure, he explores every human organ by analyzing their functions, and explain to me in details. Asks me who created us,  the Earth, the Moon, who created God. He is a little genius, but he doesn’t want to go to school…What in earth he will learn there, rules?

Rules, on how he can’t be himself, how can he be an instrument? A droid probably!?

I don’t have answers for all these questions, I really don’t. But, I know I love him and that is the only thing I can offer, not a solution to his anxiety, and I know he loves me too, and he makes me proud, of who he is, a little human with a great heart.

Life had tough me, that after great struggles, the answers reveal itself and I believe in the process of life. Everything will turn out great, a miracle will happen. But today, I needed to write this, today I need to cry.

Dear blogger, 

I opened this account in March, 2016, and for three months I had only one follower, Me. 

I didn’t know how to use it, so I just experimented, and Voila, each time I learned something new! 

After three months I got two followers, and finally I felt found in this lost electronic world. These two followers were a sign that I was not alone!

However, it took me months to realize how it is done. Follow to get followed, like to get likes, comment to get commented, this was the way, Eureka!

Today, I am really happy getting the notification that I have reached a milestone of +500, compared to billions, this number is nothing, but being EGO-FREE, this number is of high significance for me and I would like to THANK all of YOU who spent valuable seconds and minutes of their precious life to hit a follow back, a like to my posts and even reading and commenting on them.

 May you ALL be blessed with love and abundance!

Why I opened this blog?

I wrote and published a book based on my personal experience, my revelation,  with the only intention to share my message across, and help people who might be at the same position where I used to be, and overcame it. 

Yes, now I know my silent scream has been heard. 🙂 


Burbuqe Raufi

PS: I am still not that good using this “world” so if anyone can help me by telling if there is a way to privately communicate with bloggers, because I would be honored to gift YOU my book. If it  isn’t, (according to my irrational search, I couldn’t find it) please email me at

Every disease is a blessing in disguise.~Dr. Mind 

What if you had the power to change your life? To take matters into your own hands and become the king or queen of your own kingdom? I’m here to tell you that it’s completely possible!
Dr. Mind is the true story of how I used positive thinking to change my life. 
When diagnosed with an incurable disease, you learn that most of the thing we worry about aren’t really that important at all. Everything falls away as you realize that life is the most wonderful gift of all. You become aware of every breath you take and every second you spend as one thought rings through your mind: How can I make it right?
The answer is by taking control of the power that is within you. Changing the way you think about a situation is often the most powerful thing you can do, and Dr. Mind is just the guide to get you started on your journey. 
After all, there is nothing in the world more important than a healthy You!