Dear blogger, 

I opened this account in March, 2016, and for three months I had only one follower, Me. 

I didn’t know how to use it, so I just experimented, and Voila, each time I learned something new! 

After three months I got two followers, and finally I felt found in this lost electronic world. These two followers were a sign that I was not alone!

However, it took me months to realize how it is done. Follow to get followed, like to get likes, comment to get commented, this was the way, Eureka!

Today, I am really happy getting the notification that I have reached a milestone of +500, compared to billions, this number is nothing, but being EGO-FREE, this number is of high significance for me and I would like to THANK all of YOU who spent valuable seconds and minutes of their precious life to hit a follow back, a like to my posts and even reading and commenting on them.

 May you ALL be blessed with love and abundance!

Why I opened this blog?

I wrote and published a book based on my personal experience, my revelation,  with the only intention to share my message across, and help people who might be at the same position where I used to be, and overcame it. 

Yes, now I know my silent scream has been heard. 🙂 


Burbuqe Raufi

PS: I am still not that good using this “world” so if anyone can help me by telling if there is a way to privately communicate with bloggers, because I would be honored to gift YOU my book. If it  isn’t, (according to my irrational search, I couldn’t find it) please email me at


45 thoughts on “Dear blogger, 

  1. Loved this one! What blogger couldn’t relate to this1 I chuckled when you said you had one follower…yourself. 🙂 Now 500+ Congrats! That is an impressive number, I think! My number is much, much lower, but this makes it all very encouraging.
    May you have abundance and all you need as well! 🙂

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  2. I’m the same started a blog not very long ago maybe 2weeks ago and I’m trying to figure this thing out and what people want to see and read.. Maybe I’m just too samey and boring..Lol
    Good luck with your blog. ☺

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