Gratitude is the KEY.


Instead of making a list of New Year Resolution, as I did almost every previous years, last year I decided not to do it. So, what did I do?

I wrote a short message to my self in bold and capital letters, “2016 IS GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE” and put it as a folder title in my email list and decided to send emails to myself every time I feel Grateful.

I opened that folder today and got amazed, I had a lot of emails, I couldn’t count them, I couldn’t count my blessings.

Noticing the little things, the tiny sparkles of everyday life makes you forget the great things you want to come into your life, as for it is important to cherish what you have than worrying about what you want.

Surprisingly, as I was going through the list I realized that 2016 was really the greatest year of my life, I am bringing some examples below:

Fights and disagreements with my family- NONE

Economic status of my family better than previous years, although getting the same amount.

I visited my dream country.

Each month we had a family/friends trip to neighboring countries

More family gatherings.

My work atmosphere was very peaceful and creative, toxic friends and colleagues disappeared like Abracadabra , with no effort of my side.

I lost a little weight due to skipping into healthy diet and continuing.

No injuries or health issues of myself and my family.

My sons are doing great at school, although we had difficulties at the beginning with my younger son.

I made my only dream come true by publishing my book, which resulted as a great success by getting excellent feedback from the readers, the book was published into Albanian as well…so 2016 brought me two books and heart full of gratitude.


Currently I am half done with another GREAT project and I am very exited…and the list goes on and on…Most of all I really learned the lesson that “more you are grateful, more you have to be grateful for.”

Choosing to be grateful for the things you already have instead of asking a list of what you want is the key to a successful, healthy and happy life.

My new 2017 JAR  title is “2017 IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING YEAR,”…what yours is going to be?:)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and may all beings be blessed with the feeling of GRATITUDE.