Phobias-the beasts that live in our head.

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It was ten years ago when I said goodbye to the last airplane I had a short flight with. I even claimed that only stupid people choose to travel by airplane. Since then I refused to think about it, and never take into consideration to fly again.

“I will explore the world by Google Maps, I don’t need to visit faraway countries.”- I always comforted myself.

Despite other phobias, aerophobia was the most frightening phobia that I have ever had.

However, few months ago I couldn’t refuse my sisters offer to visit Paris. Oh, Paris, the city of lights, the city of my all time dreams. If I could choose from all the cities of the world, Paris was always the first on my list.

Bus drive wasn’t even an option, my sister had already booked the tickets. I was overwhelmed and at the same time scared to death. There were only three days left until the flight, and I could feel the same anxiety and fear as I did ten years ago.

I arose between my greatest desire and greatest fear. Again I was in a position Me vs Me.

I was telling people about the power of our mind, the power of our thoughts, I healed myself from a terrible disease with that power, I even wrote a book about it. But, now I was acting like a cowardice denying the power I had within and letting the fear conquer me, isn’t the fear just a thought too?

The only way to overcome the fear was to face it, to look directly into the beast’s eyes.  Therefore, I made a decision, no matter how painful it will be, I have to prove to myself, once more. That I am stronger than my fear.


Oh, it wasn’t easy. The moment when the airplane had to take-off my sister asked me.

“How do you feel, how much you are scared from 1 to 10?”

“Ten”- I replied and I took her hand.

It were the exact same feelings, the exact jiggling  pains in my stomach. I closed my eyes and I could feel my heart beating as fast as the speed of airplane, I had a shower of sweat all over my head and I couldn’t move my limbs. I thought If I move I would interfere the airplanes balance. My body froze and it wasn’t there anymore, all I could feel was my own breath and my  own thoughts.

“Why did I do this to myself, why did I agree to torture my own being, what I was thinking, why did I put myself at this flying box moving with an incredible speed and high, why did I leave my comfort zone, no Paris, nothing deserves this torture. I am one of those stupid people now.”

The airplane normalized, the stewardesses started to sell things, people untied their security belts, my sister felt asleep, but not me, I was still on the shocking zone.

I took the courage to look around, everything seemed normal, people were eating, drinking, chatting with each other, it was just me, wet and stoned.

According to researchers there are around 100.000 flights per day and the statistics of airplane crashing are 1 in 29.4 million. “You’re much more likely to die getting to the airport than you are flying in the plane,” said the editors at Discovery. Sure, it is the safest way of traveling, but why I don’t tremble and sweat while driving, why don’t I wear an helmet whenever I go. It is because I believe in the process of live, because I feel save on the ground and because my mind patterns are structured on belief. I needed to work on those old belief patterns. Fears are just nonexistent beasts in our head that we create with our thoughts. Nothing more and nothing less.


“Isn’t the fear just a thought?” – I asked myself.

“Can thoughts change? – I asked myself again.

Of course they can. I have proved this to myself a lot of times, why not now, and again. So, I decided to use some affirmations,

“I can do it, I am stronger than my fear, I love flying, I am enjoying flying, what a wonderful feeling to fly, to be above the clouds, near to the source. It is amazingly enjoyable, I trust the process of life, everything happens for my greatest good. This one is one of them.”

It was the only way to trick my mind, to say the opposite of what I was feeling, but it wasn’t easy and kept staring at my watch, we weren’t even on the middle of the destination.  So,  again I would close my eyes and continued with the affirmations, ” I can do it, You can do it. Yes, you can do it…”

The fact that I kept my eyes closed, concentrating on my breathing and saying the affirmations put me in a deep stage of meditations. I lost the trace of time. I only remember the voice of stewardess telling us to prepare for the landing.

I opened my eyes and the beast wasn’t there anymore, my body had calmed down, I had a delightful feeling on my stomach and I dared myself to look at the oval shaped window, the view was amazing such as were my feelings.

When I got out from the airplane I hugged my sister so tightly and thanked her for doing me such a great favor and  I looked up in the sky and shouted: “I DID IT!”

Last week I had another trip, and I really enjoyed the flight. Share if you believe this might help someone.

Thank you for reading! 🙂