A professional book review for The Tavern


By a professional book reviewer for Simon and Schuster & Hachette Books.

5/5 stars

A near-death experience while giving birth to her first child sets the tone for “The Tavern” as Nina Simone struggles to find her freedom as she searches the world for answers of the nothingness she longs to feel again.

Through a poetic tone of voice, the description was captivating to read and made me feel as if I was there myself. The way Nina talks is the way I believe, every woman to think, she has a right to be herself and will do as she pleases.

“Dear, I know it might sound like madness to you, but the moment that death separated me from the life was the most beautiful feeling the nothingness that I’ve ever experienced.”

I personally loved how fast paced the book was, a great beginning, loved the plot and I dug right into the problems at hand with no problem. Nina lost and gained so much in so little time, it’s gives a sense of reality as this could happen to anyone.

Extremely satisfying to read and beautifully written.

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The more I find myself, the less I need others. 

Into the nature I go to sooth my soul and wash away the unnecessary crap that I carry within me, accumulated during the everyday experiences.The water, the wind, trees, flowers, air, sunbeams are all pure energy because they don’t think, and thoughts are energies, the more people you interact more frustrated, disscomforted you become, and so the more I cleanse myself the moreI am able to find myself the more I find others as unnecessary means for my life.

Being in nature is like reading the best book, but yet wordless, just feelings telling you the truth of who you really are, and not the one that people want you to be, a slave of their acceptance.

Relationship with the nature doesn’t ask you to change, it ask you to be You.

Because there is no person more important than you.

Today I had this divine feeling about myself, appreciation about who I really am and I felt like I am being the best version of myself. All my life I thought that if I love myself, I am being narcissistic ang egoist, others should be first in my list. Such a wrong belief, which led me to a terminal disease and got cured when I returned myself to the state of self love. How can I love others if I am not here to love them? So, as I was reflecting my life, this feeling of appreciation arose. 

I LOVE myself, I am proud of myself for being open to new approaches. I know there are a lot of unlimited things I need to learn and I am learning every day something new. I am open to life and I am loving it. 🙂 
How are you feeling today? 💗